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Youth Micro Agribusiness Incubator

Nothing teaches work ethic like farm life. Besides good old fashioned getting your hands dirty, youth participants have the opportunity to develop essential literacy skills, become employment ready, and complete an agriculture work placement with on the job training. Successful participants will be encouraged to continue working in Indigenous agriculture, or, consider self employment with mentoring support from our Micro Agri-Business development program. For example, selling unique preserves, starting a community garden, or working at one of our road side market stands.

A Healing & Learning Environment

A large spring fed pond is home to many Mallard ducks, blue herons, cranes, turtles, muskrats and the wildlife that call this property their home. Many peaceful evenings have been spent watching the deer frolic in the pastures at dusk, the hawks circling above, the wild turkeys with their brood in the fields and the muskrats playing in the pond. The resident young buck often strolls by the office window and a resident owl also calls the First Farms & Forests Centre home.

Young hearts, Strong minds

TRUE COLOURS Spirit horse program provides opportunities for participants to connect, ground and develop a sense of "self in relation" in a natural and lasting way. Youth work the horses on their path to find Hope, Meaning, Belonging and Purpose (Thunderbird Partnership Foundation) in a therapeutic environment, building confidence in a safe space strengthening core Indigenous identity. Struggling readers benefit from our equine assisted "Confidence to read" literacy enhancement program.

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